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EIDM is a unique educational platform that offers industry-specific training on digital marketing. Digital marketing is on the rise and so is the demand for skilled online marketers. We, at EIDM, are honoured to impart the best concept of online marketing to those who seek to explore the possibilities and the latest strategies involved in digital advertising. 

Based in Kannur, Kerala, EIDM is a digital marketing institute with a team of industry experts who can assist you in learning the functioning of the modern digital marketing industry. We offer fully enriched training programs that utilize the most updated technology, which can help you grow in modern workplaces. Our comprehensive and industry-oriented training can streamline your career by landing a dream job or starting your own business.


EIDM is an education provider that strongly believes in and focuses on the correlation of practical knowledge and industry-oriented skills for the growth of an individual. We aspire to become active contributors in imparting the right skills and industry exposure to the learners and creating a community that can shape the future of the world.


We are an organization that instils creativity and all other relevant skills that helps learners succeed in this world filled with challenges. We aim to provide employable skills beyond a mere certificate and serve as a gateway to people aspiring to enter the field of digital marketing.

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EIDM is a top, leading digital marketing course provider that truly focuses on enabling individual learners to build competencies that help them to grow, survive and thrive in today’s competitive world. We are a career-oriented platform that brings digital marketing courses structured to meet modern job requirements and to lead our candidates to the career of their choice. 

We follow a unique approach that is different from conventional digital marketing training programs. The syllabus of our courses is centred around the latest, innovative & industry-specific practices associated with various segments of digital marketing.

Our team of tutors include exceptionally skilled and highly qualified experienced professionals who are eager to share their expertise with people who aspire to acquire practical knowledge on online marketing strategies. Under their mentorship and guidance, each individual learner will be guided along the path of a lucrative career that promises a bright future.   

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