Digital Marketing Roles & Career Paths

Digital Marketing Roles & Career Paths

A digital marketing training program is designed to offer hands-on experience on various techniques used in promoting a business with the help of online media and digital tools. Being one of the best career options of this era, digital marketing offers a plethora of career options for people from all backgrounds. 

A digital marketing professional should have sound knowledge of various tools and the latest trends associated with online advertising, along with the skill set to explore strategies like SEO, social media post creation, running campaigns, analytics, content creation, and so on. They also have the option to specialize in one skill set and explore the various possibilities associated with their niche.

Here are some of the top career opportunities in digital marketing:

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is a digital marketing professional who handles the social media channels of a company or a brand. They take charge of various activities like curating content for social media, running ad campaigns, developing strategies for social media channels, updating social media profiles & pages, etc that contributes to building the best online presence for a client. 

SEO Specialist 

An SEO specialist takes up the key role of optimizing a website and its content to obtain high rankings in search engine results. The role entails analyzing reviewing and optimizing web pages, social media pages, blogs, etc. periodically using organic SEO techniques. To become successful in SEO, one must be up to date with all the current trends and changes in search engine algorithms. We, at EIDM, are providing industry-oriented SEO courses in Kannur that offer all the basics and advanced dynamics of Search Engine Optimization.

Online Content Developer

Content developers or content marketing specialists curate the story of a brand in a unique and informative way to attract the interest of the audience. They handle digital media channels for content updation, blogging, content broadcasts, social media postings, copywriting, etc. 

Brand Manager / Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is responsible for maintaining a brand’s presence online and planning marketing campaigns across platforms like websites, social media, email, etc. They monitor and optimize various digital marketing strategies to increase the sales and revenue of a business.

SEM Manager (Pay Per Click Analyst)

SEM or Pay per Click Analyst is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing a brand’s overall search engine marketing strategies. They analyze the website traffic to integrate it with all elements of online marketing including search analytics, campaign tracking, SEO, and so on. 

Apart from such notable positions, digital marketing also opens areas for career paths such as professional blogger, email & mobile marketing Specialist, web designer, graphic designer,  web developer, e-commerce manager, affiliate marketer, video marketing specialist, media manager, and so on. 
To earn yourself a high-paying job in digital marketing, it is important to have the right skills, knowledge, and understanding of various aspects of digital marketing. By completing certified, professional training in digital marketing, you can opt for a career in this industry. Being one of the best digital marketing institutes in Kannur, EIDM can help you get trained in digital marketing and develop the essential skills to make your career a great success.